Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Watching the BTK killer tell of his horrors
I thought to myself, where have I seen such coldness before
Then I saw our fearless leader on TV… ding ding match

Apparently, the American People only respond if you give the criminal a nickname
I have decided to call bush President LTK

President LTK has LIEd to the American people about war
President LTK has authorized/condoned TORTURE
President LTK has KILLed our Troops with an illegal war
President LTK is not remorseful
President LTK used OUR Troops tonight as props to pathetically regain poll numbers
President LTK will continue on with his same destructive path per his speech
President LTK’s crimes are horrific

The American public is horrified over BTK crimes
The American public wants BTK locked up forever
The American public refuses to be horrified over president LTK crimes
The American public allows president LTK to remain on his destructive course

After tonight’s speech…
NO to your LIES! president LTK
to your TORTURE! president LTK
to your KILLing! president LTK
The blood that has been spilled is on your hands president LTK
It is time the American People hold you and your administration accountable
A frog march to The Hague is the only way the American People can repent for your sins!!!!!


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