Monday, June 13, 2005


What a glorious day!!!! Viva Las Vegas Mikey !!!! I can hardly wait for the libel/slander lawsuits to come flying at these pathetic media pundits. I hope Michael sticks it to all of them, one by one. Individual and corporate lawsuits out the ying yang and I'd like to see him reap a buttload (pardon the pun) of coin for it. I can just imagine the fox news crew going into morality overdrive with their hand delivered talking points via Rupert (I am your leader) Murdoch. I wish there had been cameras in the courtroom so I could have witnessed Sneddon lying on the floor crying and begging for his mommy. I am sure Nancy Grace will be on Larry King tonight with all her fellow nutcase pundits espousing their disgust for the legal system and it's favouritism of celebrity. Blah, blah, blah - ya know the charlie brown thing - insert there. I just hope she's disgusted enough to quit. I feel bad for her past but she's nothing but a media whore now. Tito, pass Nancy Grace and the faux moral majority of America a tissue.


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