Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The majority of the Iraqis, excluding the Kurds, are scared to death. The problems inherent in the lives and futures of the Kurds are completely separate from the rest of the Iraqis. The Shiites in the puppet Iraqi government are not representative of the majority of the Iraqi people. Many of them were exiles and have not done their time in understanding the problems in Iraq. Many are criminals whose offenses have been forgiven since they support their handlers. In essense, this can be viewed as a war to free the Kurds who will speak favorably of Americans at this point in time. They will also work with Americans to ensure oil makes its way swiftly to Israel at this point in time. In the future, there will be a different story. Mark my words, the Kurds will be the final undoing of the Americans in this area if a world war does not first take place. The Kurds hate the Arabs/Muslims in the area. The Kurds hate Christians and have been slaughtering them since the mid 1800s. The Kurds want self-rule which should be given to them, no holes barred. After that, we shall see how compliant they are to American bullying with regards to their plentiful resources. If history repeats itself, they will be the next group of people the American government will want to conquer.
It will be satisfying to see the manipulators manipulated again by those whose greed and ignorance they have promoted.
It is a crying shame that people like THE BUSHITES seem to be incapable of learning about other cultures yet think you are qualified to make sweeping generalizations about the Iraqi people who stand divided and fallen thanks to our government's greed. Saddam kept them together.
We have torn them apart and replaced a criminal who had things under control with other criminals who are under the control of the US government. Nothing to be proud of. No bright future to look forward to. Just more of the same intervention in the Middle East of our country and Britain in order to control the resources and the people.

Where would you get the idea that anyone would be grateful for the murder of their people at the hands of our troops? You speak as if the tens of thousands of dead Iraqis are climbing out of their graves to thank us for killing them. Yessiree Bob, that is democracy and freedom!!!


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