Thursday, August 25, 2005

Great Post I found on AOL from SNo4425877 !!!!!

I was raised in a Republican home and went to church every Sunday. Yet, during my lifetime, it has become very clear to me that all the Republicans I know, care more about profit than people. It's also clear that any parent who doesn't care enough to get the facts about why their child was killed----doesn't really love that child and would rather blindly follow a leader who brings them profit or better yet, a proud sense of false patriotism.
The reason we were attacked on 9-11 according to Bin Laden---is because we invaded Beirut two decades ago in an effort to protect oil interests in Kuwait. Bin Laden didn't like the fact that America killed many of his friends and family and thus vowed to avenge their death. That happened on 9-11. Yet, instead of capturing Bin Laden and holding him accountable, we did the very same thing again in the Middle east----invaded a country to get control of the world's richest oil supply. Casey died for oil. Casey died because a Republican president, worse than Nixon, lied to us. When Bush forced the inspectors to leave and rushed our soldiers into Iraq---all the democrats were screaming NO. They had voted to go to war as a "last resort"---not as a first choice. But it was too late. Bush hoodwinked them and the United Nations. We threw a stone in a hornet's nest called Iraq and now thousands more in the Muslim world want to kill us at any cost. Iraq was a huge blunder by these greedy, lying Republicans who only care about profit. All their foreign and domestic policies only help the top 1 percent of the American people. Everyone else will eventually go to the dogs. Liberals predicted before the invasion of iraq that gas prices would soar as a result of the invasion. I thought they were stupid at the time. How could it hurt gas prices if our country gets control of all that oil? Now I know. Republicans own it and they will make us pay triple to use it. And so much for Bush's promise that the oil would pay for the war. What a huge lie. Bush has stolen from iraq and from the American people. And when all is said and done in Iraq----their constitution will mimick their Koran Bible or Muslim religion---which means nothing would have changed for those people. And can we just remind people we invaded that country to find weapons of mass destruction---not spread freedom. That's something that all the Bush people would like us to forget.
When all is said and done in Iraq, their president will be just another regime leader just like Saddam. When all is said and done, thousands will be dead and we will still be the most hated country in all the world. Meanwhile, thousands join with osama in an effort to send a nuclear bomb to our country. Bush and his Republican colleagues should be tried for treason. Sheehan should be given a medal of honor----not Tenet---the CIA guy who helped Bush achieve this fiasco. I just pray at the next election, not a single Republican wins and every single Democrat is victorious. That's our only hope. We need to let the world know we are not crazy bullies like Pat Robertson. I really want peace because I hate mushroom clouds. And the only way we will ever have peace is to get outta the oil business once and for all. Stop electing the Republican party which is nothing but about oil. It's their bread and butter and they won't let anything change that---they will continue to put profit over people. And they are the worst threat to democracy and the American way of life. Amen.


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