Friday, August 05, 2005


You poor George Bush supporters. You have to pretend it wasn't a big deal to out a CIA agent. You have to pretend George Bush never mislead the Country. You have to pretend George Bush never made a mistake by invading Iraq. You have to pretend the cost of that mistake will never be too high and that it is worth every American who is killed. You have to pretend it's worth every American who is wounded. You have to pretend that the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on Iraq instead of right here on America is worth every penny. You have to ignore that Bush's war with Iraq was not only avoidable but was a BIG mistake and never should have happened in the first place. It sure is so much easier to not support George Bush and feel the freedom that can only come from being honest with the truth. We are free to admit there are such things as Global Warming and the potential untold benefits that can come from Stem Cell Research -- and that protecting our environment can be more important than creating wealth -- and that bigotry no longer has a place in our society nor should it ever be used for political gains. And we are free to openly admit that it was George W. Bush's incredibly poor judgment that has created the mess in Iraq that we now find ourselves in -- a mess that we were not in before HE took us there! Yeah, I feel sorry for you who still support George Bush. You have to live in denial and pretend that everything is still OK!


Blogger nancy =) said...

i love this post...the misdoings of george bush and hhis administration are going to haunt our country for years to come...i liked reading your comments at rosie's blog so i came over here for some more...hope you don't mind...peace...

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