Thursday, September 08, 2005

Questions for Dick if the Media really had balls!!!

1. How was your vacation? Did you go fly fishing? What else did you do, day-by-day last week?2. Why did you stay on vacation during the worst natural disaster in our country's history?3. Why did you stay on vacation over the weekend when everyone was warning us that Hurricane Katrina was going to be an unprecedented natural disaster?4. Why did you stay on vacation on Monday when Katrina devastated three states and the levees in New Orleans were breached?5. Why did you stay on vacation on Tuesday when the flood waters were rising and thousands were dying and hundreds of thousands were made homeless?6. Why did you stay on vacation on Wednesday when New Orleans sank into anarchy?7. Why did you stay on vacation on Thursday when even conservatives were calling Bush's response to this disaster a national disgrace?8. Why did you stay on vacation on Friday and only bother to show up in DC on Saturday morning for a photo op?9. While you were on vacation, did you check out that lavish mansion in the exclusive, wealthy environs of St. Michael's on Chesapeake Bay?10. When did you close on that mansion? Reports say it cost $2.5 million to $3 million. How much did it cost? Don't you think it shows a cruel disregard during this national tragedy to be purchasing a lavish estate when hundreds of thousands of people have just watched their homes be destroyed...while you were on vacation.11. How many bedrooms does this lavish mansion have? Most of the time you'll be living in DC, right? So how many American citizens who had their lives destroyed will you take in and give shelter in this lavish mansion? Or will you just leave it empty?


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