Thursday, October 27, 2005


"My fellow Americans, it's time to face reality, the invasion and occupation of Iraq has cost thousands of lives, wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and provided one of the most active recruiting boon's in the history of Al Qaeda.
I know it's caused a lot of stress for millions of people, of course it's had a very positive effect for me, the Vice President, all my Immediate family, close associates and staff, we have all increased our net worth with the high price of oil, so we count that as a blessing direct from GOD, thanks be to Jesus, I pray to him every morning and my financial gains have been abundant.
I realize the invasion has left America more isolated and less respected than ever. But again thanks to GOD, the election went better than I had ever hoped, we have Karl Rove to thank for that, with his WMD's [weapons of mass distraction] He was a genius, bringing up same sex marriage as one of the greatest major issues dividing our country. Instead of the real controversial issue of providing our troops with proper equipment and armor. Formulating an exit plan, of course there is no safe way to get out of Iraq now, it's up to 80 and 100 insurgent attacks per month, hundreds of innocent civilians are dying daily so we prefer not to openly and honestly discuss that subject.
That May Day in 2003 when I so proudly stood on the Ship and said MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, nobody including myself and my very incompetent advisors had ever anticipated such a great number of insurgents could be recruited. Even though my Father had warned me. Iraq is descending into civil war, the insurgency and our casualties are growing, it's starting to cause me some concern for the Republican party, particularly the incumbents who will be up for reelection in 2006. Another great concern is those damn Downing Street memos, those could create some big problems if they get into the wrong hands, but I believe we have that covered. Thank GOD for Rumsfield and his staying power, as well as our dedicated soldiers who have been forced to stay the course months beyond their rotation time, and without the proper equipment I might add, even to the objection of their families and over 60% of the country, I'm sure glad I don't have to run for reelection with under 39% approval rating.

My tax cuts have left the country with record deficits, the slowest job growth since the Great Depression and the greatest inequality since the Gilded Age, but I am Born Again and believe the Lord will provide. Praise the blood of Jesus for our sins are washed away. Praise his name, "GLORY"
My trade policies have racked up the highest trade deficits in the annals of nations, and left us dependent on the willingness of the Chinese and Japanese governments to keep buying our bonds despite the continuing fall of the dollar, but again, In GOD we trust. Praise be to GOD. Actually we just peeked again, our dollar is strong. Unfortunately wages are more stagnant then they have ever been in five decades and college is getting priced out of the reach of more and more working families.
I know I have broken my promises on funding for schools, and just pushed through a cut in Pell grants to over seven million students. But God will provide. We have higher priority issues's, such as health care costs that are soaring.
Did you know there are actually only about sixty eight-million people, men, women and children without any kind of health insurance, out of three hundred million, that's not bad, thanks be to GOD. We rank number 47 for the best health care in the world but have the most expensive health care. In response, I've blocked efforts to control the costs of prescription drugs, I owe that industry as much as I do the oil industry so don't expect any policy changes in your favor, that's the beast of doing business and holding a high political office. In fact I have signed and approved 47 pieces of legislation that will benefit corporations and the business community.
Let's be a strong America, Stay the course, pound the rock.....GOD BLESS YOU ALL and GOD BLESS AMERICA

He called, as Presidents do, for Americans to dream. But Bush's dreams are America's nightmares. I honestly believe with all his Christian rhetoric that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
The reality is, that most of our politicians, no matter what party affiliation, have become so self serving that we will all end up paying the price.

I have no doubts of the atrocities that Saddam is responsible for.
But remember, we, Reagan / Rumsfield, actually GAVE him WMD's and POISON to gas people. G W Bush would be just as capable if we did not have a constitution to protect us. This war was planned several years ago and that was the whole objective of Bush becoming president no matter what the cost. Cheney, Rumsfield, Wolfewitz had been planning the invasion for years prior to 9/11


Anonymous The Fat Lady Sings said...

Good rant - I agree - but what seems so obvious to you, and me and so many others, remains oblique to almost 1/2 the country. You live here in the south - how many of your neighbors agree with you? Not many of mine do, I'm afraid.

11:35 PM  

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