Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On the Road to Fascism !!!!

ON THE ROAD TO FASCISM, a few of the misconceptions shared by fascists

If you believe God and Jesus are American Christian Conservatives.
B. If you think that the only "real victims" in this country are the religious right. The poor, the unemployed, the homeless, and minorities are just whiners.
C. If you believe that the Federal Government should decide who you can and cannot marry.
D. If you think the Federal Government should decide what a person can do with his/her own body.
E. If you feel only earned income should be taxed.
F. If you hate socialist commies, but buy tennis shoes that were made in Chinar.
G. If you think Arabs are stupid.
H. If you think the wealthy need government handouts, and the poor need a kick in the pants.
I. If everybody that disagrees with you is either a "godless commie" or a "liberal homosexual".
J. If the Federal Government and George W. Bush can do "no wrong".
K. If you think God loves Americans more than any other people.
L. If you believe that American corporations exist ONLY to benefit ALL Americans.
M. If you think Bechtel should own the rain.
N. If you believe American troops should buy their own body armor.
O. If you think "depleted" uranium is safe.
P. If you still believe the myth that mainstream media is "liberal" media.
Q. If you think loud means right.
R. If you think our children should pay higher taxes.
S. If you think Sean Hannity is brilliant.
T. Supporting our troops means putting a yellow ribbon sticker on your SUV.
U. If you try to censor artists/entertainers who don't adhere to your politics.
V. If you feel that people who disagree with Federal Government policies should just "shut up and move to Iraqr".
W. If you believe that only Republicans have jobs.
X. If you think "out-sourcing" American jobs is beneficial to Americans.
Y. If you believe harassing women is no big deal.
Z. If you never actually read the bible, but know that there is a lot "angry God" stuff in there.
AA. If you believe God created hurricanes to punish us for our sins.
BB. It's all Bill Clintoni’s fault.
CC. If you think scientists don't know what they're talking about.
DD.If you belive only "sodomites" and "druggies" get AIDS.
EE. If the New Testament refers to you, and the Old Testament refers to everyone else.
FF. If believe friendship equals qualifications for key government positions.
If you don't know what a Fascist Theocracy is.

Americai’s Vacation Land - See you in Gitmo.


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