Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dear Santa W. Bush !!!

We wrote this list one year ago. Since it apparently got "misplaced" in the White House mail room, today we re-submit it. This time, the world is watching...
Dear Santa W. Bush,
This is my Christmas wish list:
A speedy end to the Iraq war Elimination of the deficit Clean air and water A short winter A strong dollar Support for the Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act Social Security in a festively-wrapped lockbox Harsh penalties for incompetence Uniform voting machines with paper trails Osama's capture Honest answers An energy policy that makes sense A world that doesn't hate us Fair and balanced news Basic health care Stronger corporate oversight A fundamentalist Christian church that follows the Golden Rule (Note: the Mennonites are OK per Pastor Dan) FDA-approved drugs that don't cause heart attacks An end to arrogance
And since I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting any of that, I'll settle for a pack of clean underwear. I'll e-mail you my size. Since I now know you've been spying on me for the last 4 years without a warrant, I'm sure you know my underwear size already. Which reminds me: could you add impeachment to the list?
Bill in Portland Maine


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