Monday, December 05, 2005


Ah the "Christmas" season is upon us. Time for the religious "reich" to try a new/old spin on further dividing this country. This is an excellent piece.

This Fox funded "War on Christmas" is quite something. I've seen some video clips on Crooks and that pretty much sum up the lengths these asshats will go to. Millions of people living below the poverty line, and this is the most important thing these guys can talk about? Global warming, a dysfunctional democracy, obesity at record levels, education standards falling, unaffordable health care, rampant social and financial inequity, fracturing families, increasing social dislocation, falling standards on pollution controls, an illegal war, corruption at all levels of government - and this is the most important thing to talk about? The house is burning, and they're concerned that the neighbours might not use the word Christmas to describe their holiday ornaments? Its beyond belief. Anything to avoid having to face the real issues. The amazing thing is that the Freepers come up with this stuff to roll out to their 'base' - with a base like that, what bloody hope is there? That's why God gave us his only begotten son -- to slander those that stand up for the poor and want peace on earth...maybe its time Jesus got a new agent...


Blogger alan said...

Anything to draw attention from themselves!

12:32 AM  
Anonymous The Fat Lady Sings said...

It's a matter of misdirection. We may all have noticed the country is falling down around our ears, but apparently a huge segment of the population is selectively deaf, dumb and blind. So you do a little slight-of-hand, and focus everyone’s attention on a manufactured outrage. It’s frustrating as hell to see the elephant in the room, while everyone else comments on the furniture.

11:36 PM  

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