Friday, January 20, 2006

Letter to Bush !!!

A couple of days ago a tragic event happened that needed to be told and so I posted the story of Specialist Douglas Barber and his up hill struggle with PTSD. Doug’s story stirred many emotions about the war in Iraq and the subsequent treatment of our Vets as they return home from the war in Iraq. The following is one lady’s outrage to the treatment of our Vets.

A Reader Responds
January 19, 2005

To President Bush,

Every single day, I pray that we make it through the next three years with you ruling this country. I have serious doubts that this republic will survive. There are so many indications that it will indeed fall. But, I pray anyway.

But tonight, my prayers are with Specialist Douglas Barber who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom although, I do not see signs of a free Iraq. Why are my prayers with him? It is because he took his own life while suffering from PTSD after serving our country. For over two years he struggled to get the much needed counseling he rightfully deserved. After reading of his death on the Internet, I was astonished to read that he just received “50% disability with 100% to be awarded within 90 days. After over two years of hell and agony he was finally able to access proper counseling for his PTSD. Sadly it was too little, too late.” This is an absolute disgrace and some thanks from a grateful nation.

Before taking his life, several friends stated that he was in a jovial mood and even called one friend. None of them had a clue as to what he was about to do. I was angered beyond belief to read: “The Lee County, Alabama sheriff’s department was on the scene trying to talk Doug out of it for over 30 minutes. The investigating officer has stated that every effort was made to stop the situation and save Doug’s life. Doug apparently turned his back to the officers, fired one shot, and ended his life.” He deserved to live out the rest of his life to the fullest, now he is dead. Dead!

His blood is on your hands, President Bush. If it is not the lack of body armor these soldiers fight for they must also fight for a full range of health benefits when they come home. You might as well be the one who pulled that trigger that ended his life. As far as I am concerned, this was not suicide but murder brought on by greed and power. That is what this war is truly about. Greed and power.

While those who suffer from this disorder wrestle with their inner demons, you are the very demon who causes this pain and suffering. You are truly a soulless man if this is the effect that you have on these soldiers who fight for any health benefits they are entitled to. The next time you make a speech concerning this immoral war, do not use our soldiers as your backdrop. They deserve better.

As I read of the illegal eaves dropping practices you are using on innocent Americans and while yes that deeply angers me, what angers me more is to hear stories such as this. You failed him miserably and have no right to call yourself Commander-in-Chief. That title should be used only when a president gives a damn about those that serve this country.

I will now go on praying each day for our country’s deliverance from the likes of you. We as a country deserve better.

God Save America from you!

Mary MacElveen


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