Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Religious zealots aka Radical Right are angry that colleges are promoting "respect [for] the dignity of all persons"

Holy batshit crazy! Next thing you know those darn colleges are going to tell us women have the right to vote and black people can swim in our pools.

Seriously, see it here: Some of the examples of college academic rules that the religious right is outraged over:
* A ban on "insults, taunts, or challenges directed toward another person" (Appalachian State University).
* A practice of outlawing "statements of intolerance" (North Carolina Central University).
* A requirement that all students "respect the dignity of all persons" and "strive for the openness to learn from differences in people" (UNC Asheville).
* A policy outlawing "disrespect for persons" (UNC Greensboro).
Now, it may come as no surprise that this story comes from the Muslim-hating, gay-hating, and Jew-loving-so-long-as-two-thirds-of-you-die-in-the-rapture American Family Association, one of the top religious right groups.

But seriously, how twisted are these self-proclaimed holier-than-thou pseudo-religious groups that they feel threatened by campus codes that require students to "respect the dignity of all persons" and "strive for the openness to learn from differences in people." What exactly are conservative Christian activists promoting that they're afraid of these kind of campus policies? Short of the Klan, or a rude drunk fratboy, I can't imagine who would have a problem with campus policies that promote "respect and dignity."

What would Jesus do? Send a few lightning bolts their way, I suspect.

I'm wondering when the moderate, tempered, sane American people will rise up against these Un-American bastards.

It still amazes me that Pat Robertson is allowed on any "respectable" broadcasts. The guys cheese has slid off his cracker, the noggin is just a pool of melted butter. I've seen reports of him shucking diet shakes and pancakes when I recall VANITY being one of the seven deadlies. LOL Yet the sheep still flock. Let us not forget his call for the assasination of a foreign leader or Sharon's stroke being the wrath of God for giving back Gaza. Or the hurricanes on Florida are God's wrath for Gay Day at Disney. The man is just plain batshit crazy and those that follow him have lost all critical thinking skills not to mention COMMON SENSE.


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