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"COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE" -- (1) Increase the taxburden on the middle class, working people, and poor; (2) Bomb the hell out of Baghdad; (3) Unleash nuclear warheads on SUSPECT countries no matter how many million DIE; (4) Cut medical benefits and medication remedies for the elderly while padding the pockets of pharmaceutical companies, my PALS! "PRO-LIFE" -- (1) Kill them all and let my friend GOD sort 'em out! (2) Kill thousands if innocent Iraqi civilians just to get the guy who tried to get my DADDY! (3) Kill millions of babies in Third World nations by not allowing generic drugs to be distributed [thus padding the pockets of billionaires]; (4) Arrange for undisclosed assassinations of political opponents both foreign and domestic; (5) Cut off food supplies to countries I don't like. "FAMILY VALUES" -- (1) My granddaddy was a Nazi and helped supply Adolf!; (2) My daddy supplied Saddam with WMD; that's how I know he's got them! (3) My daughters got caught drunk and got off the hook, surprise surprise; (4) How I get out of all my messes: FAMILY! (5) Bush family connections to Bin Laden family is how I got my first investors in my little Texas company, Arbusto. In fact, if it weren't the the Bin Ladens, I wouldn't have become a millionaire and then got to be a hero after Osama bin Laden did his thing on those liberals up in New York! "PROJECT for a NEW AMERICAN CENTURY" -- (1) Group that met with me in Texas in 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 to plan takeover of the White House and takeover of Iraq; (2) Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bennett, Perle and I put it together and conquest of Iraq was main focus 'cause it meant we'd control the world's energy resources and make America great! (3) We even set up our own website! Want to see? Project for the New American Century Now, look back at 1997 and 1998 and see how we were planning to take out Saddam and make Americans think Iraq was an imminent threat. We even wrote that damned Clinton sleazebag in 1998 about Saddam - how we were out to get rid of him. I know containment had worked for years, but that isn't the objective. "ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONS" -- (1) Nullify the Clean Water Act; (2) Nullify the Clean Air Act; (3) Kill the KYOTO PROTOCOL AGREEMENT; (4) Turn over all national forests to "friendly" lumber corporations to clear cut; (5) Turn over all federal wilderness lands to buddy corporations [never any corporation that failed to contribute to the GOP of course]; (6) Turn the Alaska wilderness into a drilling party for my oil company pals; (7) Cancel all regulations concerning pollution and emission standards; (8) reward the polluters while punishing the public; (9) Use and burn up all natural resources remaining because all the good Christians are soon to be raptured and will leave all the bad guys a world depleted of all resources to sustain life. "TAX RELIEF & CUTS" -- (1) Make permanent $1.3 trillion cut for the 3% that happen to be my pals; (2) Re-distribute tax structure so that middle class and poor carry most of the weight while having only 5% of the income; (3) Repeal capital gains, inheritance tax, dividends tax, and any other tax which affects my buddies -- redistribute the tax burden back to the poor; (4) Make the deficit so BIG that America can never get out of debt and will have to declare bankruptcy. "WMD" -- (1) What Daddy shipped Saddam in the 80s to fight Iran and had it paid for through laundered money that eventually cost US taxpayers $150 billion, no problem; (2) The #1 excuse I have for attacking Iraq, oh goodie! (3) What North Korea has and I ignore and Iraq has little of [since we destroyed most of his arsenal in 1991] but I'm still going after the SOB 'cause it means $300 trillion in oil for my pals and payback for Daddy! "SECURITY" -- (1) Place intense surveillance on average Americans while allowing flexibility for my oil-rich Saudi pals; (2) Telling the CIA and FBI to quit investigating Osama bin Laden after I got in office because his brother, Salem bin Laden, was my main investor in 1977 (Arbusto Energy, Midland TX). Then telling all the ones who want to investigate the reasons for 9/11 to bug off because of "executive privilege"; (3) Repeal all rights to an attorney and "detain" suspects indefinitely; (4) Turn airline travel from pleasure to nightmare; (5) Monitor all emails and postings from traitors who don't agree with me. Give them a CODE ORANGE whenever I want to harass them so they're not allowed to demonstrate in public. "FINANCIAL BAIL-OUTS" -- (1) Let United Airlines -- 2nd largest carrier in the world -- die by denying $1.8 billion bailout from 9/11 effects since they wouldn't screw all their union workers down to bare minimum; (2) Bail out Israel for $12 billion like they asked for this year on top of the $3.5 billion already handed them; (3) Bail out Argentina with $30 billion; (4) Bail out Brazil when she defaults for $100 billion; (4) Bail out Venezuela when CIA is successful in coup d' etat; (5) Never, never bail out American company if they refuse to damage their unions and workers' wages; (6) Cut federal workers' pay while at the same time putting back in BIG BONUSES for MY political appointees! I'm for saving money all right -- MY OWN -- but for spending others' money! Let future generations pay for my flub-ups! "FREEDOM-LOVIN' COUNTRIES" -- (1) Countries that agree with me ONLY; (2) Countries that'll lend their names to coalition to attack whatever country I designate as imminent threat; (3) Coalition of the willing; those countries that can be bought off to look like they agree with me -- bought off with US taxpayer money. For example, $30 billion to Turkey is a small price to pay (since it's not my own money) to bribe them into the war against Iraq, my prime fixation; (4) Countries that agree to eliminate civil liberties in the name of security. "GOD-FEARING PEOPLE" -- (1) Right-wing religious fanatics who swallow the line I'm a MAN OF GOD; (2) Those REAL Americans who are Christian and believe the good guys are going to be raptured and then leave all the bad guys on earth to duke it out; (3) Republicans are God-fearing while Democrats are nothin' but liberal leftist God-hating traitors damned for hell. "GOP" -- (1) God's ONLY Party. Falwell agrees! So that makes it GOSPEL! "BUDGET" -- (1) Increase deficit spending while raiding the Social Security Trust Fund; (2) Fly Air Force One to 127 Republican campaign stops for $272 million, thus killing 2 birds with one stone! Wiping out the other party while spending taxpayers' money! Elections are won with money, ya know, not performance! It ain't MY money, so why the hell should I care? Yippee! (3) Spend 2 generations' money to pay for my little wars; (4) Cut unemployment benefits to 800,000 right after Christmas while at the same time giving huge bonuses to my political appointees. "PATRIOTISM" -- (1) Being AWOL for 18 months while Daddy covered for me during `Nam era; (2) Hoisting flags up all over tarnation and wearing stars & stripes lapel buttons to show off; (3) Being loyal to ME and ME alone; if you don't like ME, then get out of the country, traitor! "CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM" -- (1) Make it against the Law for Unions and workers to contribute to their candidates; (2) Make it NOT against the Law for my buddy corporations and crooked CEOs to do the same; (3) Put a spending cap on environmentalists, workers, African-Americans, and other "liberal" groups, but call it "freedom" for my corporate buddies to spend as much as they like. "TRIFECTA!" -- (1) The first word out of MY mouth after WTC and Pentagon were hit on 9/11! (2) Political jackpot! Now nobody can challenge me politically. The 9/11 disasters were a BONANZA for me and I said so many times (except that most Americans weren't listening or didn't understand what I meant by "Trifecta"! (3) All the cards are lined up in MY favor, thanks to Bin Laden. So what if we can't find the bastard like I promised? I'll just go after another bastard that's more visible, like Saddam, and Americans will be duped into blind loyalty, no problem! (4) The word I uttered on 9/11/01 and also in October 2002 when Wellstone's plane crashed. Hey, what's a few lives compared to my political aspirations? (5) Like yelling BINGO when tragedy happens to others. "CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY" -- (1) Salem Bin Laden was MY principal investor in MY first company, ARBUSTO, 1977; so I had to tell the FBI and CIA to back off investigating his brother Osama when I first got in office 2001, no problem; (2) Cut off funds to the SEC but give lip service to the American public that we're going after corruption. Yeah, right. (3) Hire more corporate crooks to do corporate monitoring; (4) Refuse public access to all information about how ENRON thugs and Cheney pals raped California and stole trillions from Americans; Refuse even to give a list of ENRON pals who met with Cheney and decided America's energy policies IN SECRET; (5) Classify all information under "executive privilege" about my past dealings with Harken. the binLadens, Cheney's Haliburton, the theft of millions of taxdollars from Arlington, Texas, and how I got to be a millionaire from $13,000 to $15,000,000 in just 13 years stealing investor money! My Daddy covered for me then and will now! "BORN AGAIN" -- (1) The art of pretending to be religious to appease rightwing fundamentalists and sway them into voting as a block so I can have the whole SOUTH to myself; (2) Invoking the name of "BILLY GRAHAM" and "JESUS" at public gatherings to keep up the image; (3) The act of pretending to be religious while at the same time living like hell and sending others to die for my foolishness._________________,sutton,44888,9.html


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