Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3 Kinds of Conservative

<<< GOPConservative7 wrote:

There are actually three kinds of conservatives. Political conservatives, social conservatives and monopolistic conservatives.

The so-called social conservatives are the exact opposite of the political conservatives in many ways. Social conservatives favor bigger government, more regulations, more watchers, more informers, more prisons, more wars, etc.

Political conservatives favor limited government and keeping the government, religion, regulations, etc. out of our lives. We are live an let live kind of people. We believe in privacy and keeping the goverment and churches out of our lives. We also believe in fiscal responsibility and do not support Bush borrowing a trillion dollars from the commies to pay for an ill conceived war.

The monopolistic conservatives pretend to be social conservatives, but their real goal is to siphon off as much of our taxes as possible to put in their pockets and to control the political process at all levels. They use social conservatives as pawns in their bigger game of centralizing the nation's wealth into the hands of an elitist politburo.

>>> This is an excellent post but unfortunately it will escape most "social" conservatives or as I like to call them "reactionary" conservatives. They don't care if they are being used by the present administration as long as their message is out there and pummeled into the rest of us. They will continue to campaign to discriminate and deny rights to fellow citizens, push for government controlled uteri, forced childbirth, sticking the ten commandments in every school classroom and every government entity. Their mission is to legislate us to death on every "moral" issue that strikes their fancy and have Christianity made the official religion of the United States of America. Perhaps we should suggest a name change to them too? United States of Jesus Christ? I really shouldn't put thoughts into their heads....LOL they are too easily manipulated.


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