Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Andy Card Resigns....


The question really is: Is he jumping ship while the getting is good or do they really think this will turn Bush's numbers around?

I'll take "jumping ship" for 500 Alex.

There is nothing that will turn BushCo's numbers around. The big clue happened yesterday when it was announced that two dirty bombs had slipped through border patrols 4 1/2 years after 9/11. What the hell?

How can you now say you are the party for security Republithugs? Every attempt to stop this flow of illegals has failed, now they're being offered amnesty under the guise of a Guest Worker program. You can't fix immigration policy until you fix the borders. Ass backwards is how this administration has been run from the git go.

Nothing surprises me anymore and if his numbers don't seriously tank after the press has a heyday on this issue - I'll be found projectile vomiting on my lawn.

Don't just censure this bunch, impeach them and then frogmarch them ALL to The Hague. Anything less is just not enough.

Whew I sort of feel better now. LOL

The party who comes out with a Flat Tax or Fair Tax is the party who'll get the votes. Enough of the corporate welfare. Pay your way or get the hell out. It would solve so many problems if we had Fair Taxation. Call your congresspeople and senators and push the issue. Perhaps they'll get a clue they WORK FOR YOU. Then again I might be having an optimistic moment.


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