Monday, March 20, 2006

Saw this post on AOL...thought the "liberal" response was great ...

<<< KathleenMichaelM wrote:

Actually the Democrats solution to Islamo-fascism is not yet surrender, it is just pre-mature withdrawal, which the Democrat sees as a solution to unwanted pregnancy too. Incompetent withdrawal requires abortion in the Democrat's mind, but actually homosexuality is the prefered method. Democrats seek to expand the ranks of those defined as disabled, to raise taxes to keep them disabled and to keep most from being eligible for military service. Everyone is going to get a free Koran from the government and to have mandatory Arabic language lessons so we will not offend our new masters.

Democrats seek to "take back" the House of Representatives. I have four arguments which should be considered by voters before allowing this to happen.

1) Nancy "Red" Pelosi would be the new Speaker.
2) Charles Rangel would become Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.
3) John Conyers (a red diaper baby) will become Chairman of the Judiciary Committees.
4) Alcee Hasting will become Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. (Hastings is a former federal judge who was impeached and removed from the bench by the Senate for criminal behavior in an organized crime case. He was then elected to congress.)

I have just a couple of things to say. I really shouldn't reply to shit but I have to .

How does the hate and the policy of personal destruction help this great country?

Why under republican leadership is everything a personal attack on those that disagree with your positions. Do they not teach civility anymore. I am a life long liberal that because of my beliefs have been called a child killer,unpatriotic,a hater of America, in league with Sadamm, want our troops to fail, want them dead, am gay, love gays, am on welfare, am communist,am a terrorist, love terrorists, help terrorists.. These are just a few of the vile things that come my way. For what reason??? Well, because I am a liberal...????

Let me tell you and yours about myself.

I goined the United States Army and left for boot camp 2 weeks before my class graduation. I had them send my diploma to Fort Dix. I served 20 years in the military and was stationed in Berlin during the time they put up the wall. I served in and out of the country in places like Lebanon, Japan, Texas, NC and SC. I was sent to VietNam in 1968 then volunteered for one more turn. I served under 5 presidents, Ike, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford.

I have never missed an election since I turned 21.( had to be 21 to vote back then.)I stayed active in the VFW and am currently Sargent at Arms. I was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for action in Nam. I am the proud father of a West Point Graduate - class of 1984.

Been married for twenty-three years to my present wife, had 5 children with my first wife and married a woman that had 5 children. Most of them were adults before we wed. I have been the director of the recreation Department on a voluntary basic for over twenty years. A head coach of a CYO high school age basketball team for 20 years.
Neither my two girls nor my 4 step daughters have had an abortion as far as I know, nor do I or them know anyone that has had an abortion. I do believe that it is a private matter between a woman ,her family,her doctor and her pastor, and it is none of my business.
I know gay guys and I believe that they are entitled to all the rights of any other citizen. If in the hospital there should be no law that stops their partner from visiting. I believe that those I know have been together longer than I have been married. Unlike me they have not gotten a "divorce"....
I love my country but will not fly a flag. I didn't have to show others how patriotic I am. Most people that run up the flag do so after things like 9/11 then forget about it until some other major thing happens. I have the scars to prove my patriotism and the memories of those that were left behind. I live my life by the rules, do not speed, trash the landscape and discard the beer bottles like so many of the flag waving people that feel only some laws are meant for them .....

So I take umbrudge at people like you that sling the crap, tell us how unpatriotis we are while you do the work of our enemies - divide and conquer, violate the constitution, ammend it with phony things and just plain denigrate all
Americans that disagree with this failed president or will not blindly follow and except a second class government.

I believe in your right to dissent and expect you to agree with my right to dissent as that my lady friend is the American way.
I will fight anyone that tries to make this country a fundamentallist theocracy that believes in the flavor of the month religion..


SFC US Army( ret )
Nam 68-69




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