Tuesday, April 11, 2006

George Conway...super Repuker...starts eating his own !!!!

Check this out. http://conways.nationalreview.com/archives/094549.asp

It's written by George Conway, a Republican heavily involved in making Paula Jones a household word (i.e., he's really REALLY Republican). Yet, here is what he has to say about not just George Bush, but the entire Republican party.

And again, he's writing this on the Web site of the uber-conservative National Review:

I'm disgruntled, too, and I'm going to get it all of my chest this morning: I've never voted for a Democrat in a general election in my life, and I don't expect to anytime soon, but it's been impossible for me over the past couple of years to get enthused about the Republican party.

I voted for President Bush twice, and contributed to his campaign twice, but held my nose when I did it the second time. I don't consider myself a Republican any longer. Thanks to this Administration and the Republicans in Congress, the Republican Party today is the party of pork-barrel spending, Congressional corruption — and, I know folks on this web site don't want to hear it, but deep down they know it's true — foreign and military policy incompetence.

Frankly, speaking of incompetence, I think this Administration is the most politically and substantively inept that the nation has had in over a quarter of a century. The good news about it, as far as I'm concerned, is that it's almost over.
In one fell swoop, George Bush isn't just turning independents off of the Republican party, he's turning die-hard Republicans away.

The Democratic party has been handed a gift from God with George Bush. He is the ONLY issue we should be talking about between now and election day. And I'd say we hit on the specific messages Conway spells out: fiscal irresponsibility; corruption; and incompetence. Our goal? To woo every moderate to the Democratic party, and to horribly cripple the Republican party so even its Terri Schiavo base wants out.

Remember when the war on terror was Bush's strong point? Now even Republicans are willing to call Bush incompetent on that very issue. Before Rove and Mehlman wake up later this summer and yet again try to brand Democrats as wimps. And before Democrats find themselves facing another congressional resolution authorizing force against Iran. We need to unify and strike back hard, and now, against a president who is both hated by his own party and falling apart at the seams.


Blogger The Fat Lady Sings said...

Isn't it amazing that we’re hearing this from Republican mouths instead of Democratic ones? Why is it the Dems still side-step the issue of Bush's incompetence? They should be jumping up and down shouting it from the rooftops! Instead, we get either silence or mealy-mouthed recitations of recycled campaign rhetoric a la John Kerry? Gore has been making some very fine speeches – but he has yet to turn all that fire and brimstone on before live TV cameras. What in the hell is going on with the Democratic leadership? Harry Reid made one foray into ‘bash Bush’ land – then pulled away as if his fingers got burned. Add in the shooting down of Hackett as a candidate in Ohio, Lieberman’s flirtation with all things Republican; and I’m afraid that no matter how egregious the Bush White House gets, nothing will come of it past some disgruntled mumblings from a few, select Republican voices.

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