Thursday, April 06, 2006

Only 5 % of Ship Cargo is INSPECTED....Tough on Security my ass

22 Chinese nationals sneak into US inside uninspected ship cargo - could have just as easily been Al Qaeda or a nuke

Is everyone still comfortable with the fact that the Bush administration, 4 and a half years after September 11th, is still letting 95% of containers shipped to the United States arrive UNINSPECTED.

You want to get a nuke into the US? Forget the Mexican border. Just ship it legally.

Bush has known this for four and half years and done NOTHING about it. And today, by simple luck, we catch 22 Chinese nationals in a shipping container that, by chance, was selected to be examine, some day, but in the meantime the Chinese slipped out of it and were caught elsewhere.

Fortunately, the Democrats are going to fix the problem while the Republicans refuse. Two Democratic members of Congress got an amendment passed today in a House committee, and the amendment requires 100% of incoming cargo to be inspected - not the paltry 5% that George Bush and the Republicans have been comfortable checking. But remember they are tough on security. VOMIT

The Republicans simply refuse to review or challenge anything BushCo does, and America's security goes down the tubes while they dawdle. Thank God the Democrats have finally found their voice, and now using their power to force the Bush administration to keep America safe.

The Republicans are the majority, they control the White House, the US House and the US Senate. This fall, for the sake of ourselves, our families, our friends, and our children, it's time for a change.


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