Monday, May 08, 2006

Bush Strategery Institute for Presidential Deciderating....

Bush Strategery Institute for Presidential Deciderating
By Christy Hardin Smith @ 10:35 am

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President Bush had dinner last month on the Stanford University campus at the home of George P. Shultz, who was President Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state, and the topic of conversation was not, as might be expected, the war in Iraq. Instead, guests said, Mr. Bush spent the evening focused on how he could create a public policy center with his presidential library after he leaves office in 2009….

Whatever Mr. Bush decides, one thing is obvious: Two and a half years before he leaves office, with his popularity at record lows, Mr. Bush is actively thinking ahead to his post-White House life. His dinner with Mr. Shultz, a Hoover fellow, offers a glimpse into how the president wants to spend at least some of his time and influence his legacy — after he leaves office….

"I would like to leave behind a legacy or a think tank, a place for people to talk about freedom and liberty, and the de Tocqueville model, what de Tocqueville saw in America," Mr. Bush told Mr. Schieffer. "I would like for there to be a place where young scholars come and write and think and articulate and opine and teach."

Let’s all help out our busy President, by suggesting some names for the George Bush Presidential-ating Think Tank. It’s our patriotic duty. (While you’re at it, Kos is running a "GOP in 2006" slogan-a-thon as well for the upcoming elections. If you can think of a good election slogan for the Rethuglicans, please share it in the comments.)

(And speaking of Elizabeth Bumiller, there is a profile of her in the Northwestern University magazine that is quite…erm…illuminating. H/T to Matt Stoller of MyDD for the find, and the nauseating accompanying photo of cocktail weenies. Thought everyone could use a little Monday humor.)

PS — Peter Daou has some interesting thoughts on the Bush Fish story from this weekend. Daou points out the media lapdog tendencies in the coverage of this, a la Eric Boehlert. Digby has much more here and Tristero here — great stuff.

UPDATE: David Shuster just reported on MSNBC that Dusty Foggo announced his resignation at CIA. Foggo was Goss’ #3 man at the Agency, and has been caught up in the hookers, poker and defense contracts scandal with Duke Cunningham — with reports that he’s likely looking at a federal indictment, being currently under investigation by the FBI. More from the TimesOnlineUK.

UPDATE #2: hehehehe Readers twolf1 and BobbyG have come up with a lovely prototype of the Bush Library and Think Tank-i-nator.


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