Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Disclosure from this Bunch....ahahahahaha


Public disclosure of intelligence budget data would be required under a
provision of the 2007 Intelligence Authorization Act that was reported
by the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday and disclosed today.

The total amounts authorized and appropriated for the National
Intelligence Program would be publicly disclosed each year starting in
2007, the Senate bill states.

After 2007, the bill would also require the President to disclose the
aggregate amount requested each year for national intelligence.

The budget disclosure provision was proposed by Senator Ron Wyden
(D-OR) and approved yesterday by the Senate Intelligence Committee on a
9-6 vote. All Democrats on the Committee supported the move, as did
Republican Senators Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Chuck Hagel
(R-Nebraska). Other Republicans, including Chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS),
opposed it.

Beyond aggregate budget disclosure, the bill would also require the
Director of National Intelligence to conduct a study on the advisability
of disclosing the budget of each individual element of the intelligence

The disclosure requirement (Section 107 of S. 3237) generally
corresponds to a bipartisan recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.
A similar measure was approved by the Senate in October 2004, but
opposed by the White House and blocked in the House.

"The public ought to know how much money the government is spending on
intelligence activities and the Senate has long sought this sensible
Senator Jay Rockefeller and other Democratic Senators wrote in
a Statement appended to the Report.

"We believe declassifying the aggregate amount of money the nation
spends on intelligence would not harm the nation's security."

The new Senate Intelligence Committee report on the Intelligence
Authorization Act for FY 2007 includes numerous other significant and
interesting provisions including: a requirement for a DNI report on
treatment of detainees (section 313); a requirement for a report on
alleged clandestine detention facilities (section 314); establishment of
a National Space Intelligence Center (section 410); and quite a bit

See the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on the FY 2007 Intelligence
Authorization Act, Senate Report 109-259, May 25,


The underlying bill, S. 3237, is here:


The intelligence bill has been referred to the Senate Armed Services
Committee for a ten day period.


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