Monday, August 21, 2006

People who support the occupation in Iraq hate their own children

Found this posted on AOL message boards. I liked it!!!

This occupation in Iraq is costing the tax payers of the United States 8 billion dollars per month.
The children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of the “un“-United States
shall be paying off this debt.
With all the social problems to come in the next 6 decades that these children, and their children, shall have to deal with, it is a complete lack of responsibility for the Bushies, and the war profiteers, to put this unnecessary burden of debt at 8 billion per month on the backs of their own children. It is appalling.
Any generation that would act as self centered, irresponsible, and tenacious as the generation of the present must have an underlying hate for their own children.
The 8 billion dollars that I have mentioned, is borrowed from countries that do not even like the “un”-United States. You can look this up it is a true Fact.
Maybe when you find as I have that, Saudi Arabia now owns about 12% of the “un”-United States, China owns about 7%, Korea own about 5%. So, with just these three that is 24% of the “un”-United States. Almost ¼ of America is held by nations who seek to undermine us financially.
And who shall carry the burden of all this? You guessed it. Our children and their children.
So the next time you pound your chests and support this unlawful occupation of Iraq, stop your pontification of your pernicious, self emulating ego, and look into your child’s eyes, and ask yourself.
What is it that my actions shall leave behind, and do I hate my children so much that I would support such capriciousness.
Jamie Barton Agawam MA


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