Monday, August 21, 2006

Republican Failure Reminder

Republicans control the White House and Congress and Democrats have no opportunity to enact policy. The "War on Terror" as prosecuted by this administration speaks for itself.

Osama bin Laden - Still free 5 years later

Iraq - No WMD as promised by Bush
Iraq - No connection to 9/11 as promised by Bush
Iraq - No connection to bin Laden as promised by Cheney
Iraq - No yellow cake uranium purchased by Saddam as promised by Bush
Iraq - No welcome as liberators as promised by Cheney
Iraq - No connection to 9/11 hijackers by Iraqi intelligence as promised by Bush

Iraq - No connection to the 9/11 attack as promised by Bush and Cheney

Iraq - No connection between Saddam and bin Laden

IRAQ - Slowly sinking into civil war in spite of ("Mission Accomplished" in 2003)

USA - 2600+ dead Americans in the name of the above
USA - 8 Trillion dollar national debt
USA - Budget deficit of nearly 400 billion dollars
USA - Less than 40% of Americans support this war and this President
USA - A President in the White House who lost the popular vote & was appointed by the Supreme Court
USA - In spite of the Homeland Security Dept. the borders are as porous as ever
USA - Bush tries selling our port operations to Middle Eastern interests
USA - A year later New Orleans still devastated ("Brownie your doing a heck of a job")

USA - A President who walked away from his own military commitment

USA - A Vice President who never served a day in uniform but sends others to die.
USA - An energy policy formulated in secret in the V.P's office by oil CEO's.
USA - Bush veteos stem cell research thus setting back for years the potential to cure devastating diseases.

USA - Gasoline at $3+ a gallon

USA - Bush tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest 4% of the population at the expense of the poor and middle class.

USA - Bush "Healthy Forests" initiative that amounts to a giveaway of our old growth forests

USA - Bush "Clear Skys" initiative that allows coal burning plants in the midwest to spew more, not less sulfur dioxide ito the atmosphere

USA - Bush "No Child Left Behind" education initiative passed into law with much fanfare after bipartison cooperation with Ted Kennedy. Then, he promptly cuts the funding for it.


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