Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Found the following on www.fuckyougeorgebush.com ... I find it cathartic and reminds me of the rude pundit. LOL

Fuck you, George W. Bush.

Fuck you for not cutting off your vacation when you got the PDB on August 6, 2001. Fuck you for telling the briefer, “You covered your ass.” Fuck you for those seven minutes in that Florida classroom.

Fuck you for not listening to the warnings of Richard Clarke. Fuck you for appointing John Ashcroft, who told aides that he didn’t want to hear anything about terrorism.

Fuck you for using the horrific deaths of 2,973 on 9/11/2001 to justify the invasion of Iraq, which we now know you had planned since the day you took office, and started ratcheting up within days of 9/11.

Fuck you for squandering the good will and sympathy of the world that existed on 9/12, when even people in Tehran mourned our loss. Fuck you for thumbing your nose at our allies, who were willing to commit unlimited resources to helping us catch the perpetrators of 911, but most of whom rightly couldn’t see the logic of invading a country that had nothing to do with it.

Fuck you for promising to catch or kill Osama Bin Laden, but quickly dropping that pursuit, and to allowing him to still breath the sweet air of freedom, now 5 fucking years after his minions murdered our citizens. Fuck you for letting him escape at Tora Bora, when a decisive or even competent leader would have committed enough forces to make sure he was caught. Fuck you for pulling our Special Forces from the pursuit and sending them to Iraq. Fuck you for disbanding the unit changed with tracking him down. Fuck you for telling the American people that you just don’t think about bin Laden. Fuck you for not thinking about him. Fuck you for allowing Pakistan to pretend to try to catch him. Fuck you for letting them cut a deal with the Taliban. Fuck you for appointing as CIA director a partisan hack, Porter Goss, who said that we could catch bin Laden but for political niceties.

Fuck you for not enacting the 911 commission’s recommendations. Fuck you for not protecting the ports. Fuck you for not protecting chemical and nuclear plants. Fuck you for turning Homeland Security into a corrupt bureaucracy that spends more money guarding flea markets and petting zoos than it does major cities.

Fuck you for claiming, both yourself and through your minions, that Iraq was linked to 911. Fuck you for claiming that the clusterfuck that you created in Iraq is part of the war against terrorism. Fuck you for invading and occupying Iraq INSTEAD of fighting the war against the terrorists who attached us on 911. Fuck you for insisting that Iraq had WMD. Fuck you for not allowing Hanz Blitz and team to confirm that. Fuck you for telling them to leave Iraq before they proved to the world that you were wrong.

Fuck you for squandering the lives of nearly 3,000 brave Americans in your unprovoked war. Fuck you for not sending those brave Americans to fight Al-Qaeda instead. Fuck you for directly or indirectly causing the deaths of 50,000 to 100,000 or more innocent Iraqis.

Fuck you for using 911 as a political cudgel against your foes. Fuck you for impugning the patriotism of Max Cleland. Fuck you for calling Democrats weak on terror. Fuck you for swiftboating Kerry. Fuck you for ratcheting up the terror alert every time your poll numbers require it.

Fuck you for using 911 as yet another justification for cutting taxes. Fuck you for cutting taxes for yourself, Dick Cheney, Mary Cheney, the Bush twins, and Paris Hilton, while sticking my kids with the bill, and running up more federal debt than any president in history. Fuck you for blaming that debt on 911.

Fuck you for pissing away $313,679,500,000 of our tax money in Iraq. Fuck you for not spending that on finding and killing bin Laden. Fuck you for not spending that money working to prevent more bin Ladens and more Al-Qaedas from popping up. Fuck you for insuring that they will.

Fuck you for not knowing the difference between Sunni and Shia. Fuck you for not listening to those who warned that the aftermath of the invasion would be chaos. Fuck you for not planning for it. Fuck you for continuing to claim that it’s all good even as it gets worse day by day. Fuck you for hiring Rumsfeld, who, we’ve recently learned, forbade his staff to even talk about postwar planning. Fuck you for pretending that all you need to make a democrasy is a bunch of purple fingers.

Fuck all the people who work for you, who have all been complicit in your failure to fight the war against Al Qaeda. Fuck Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rice, of course, and fuck the theorists, Perle and Wolfowitz and Feith, and fuck the chickenshit enablers, Powell and Armitage, and fuck the mouthpieces, McClellen, Mehlman, Gillespie, and especially Fleisher. Fuck every staff member, fuck every intern, fuck anybody and everybody who worked in your administration and didn’t go screaming to the media about your mendacity and incompetence. And fuck all the old “grown up” republicans, like James Baker and George HW Bush, for not smacking you down before you caused some serious damage.

Fuck all the people in the mainstream media, who have failed to this day to remind the public that bin Laden is still alive and that you have failed to find him. Fuck the right wing media for hypocrisy and their non-stop lies about everything you do.

Fuck all of the people in Congress who have supported you, your war, and your refusal to protect the nation against further attack from al Quada.

Fuck everybody who voted for you in 2004. They get a pass for 2000, cause they didn’t know any better but in 2004 everybody should have known better, so fuck all of you - even if you’re a relative of mine, in which case, double fuck you!

Fuck you, Tony Blair, for being Bush’s bitch. Fuck you, Supreme Court, for appointing him.

And finally, for not storming the gates of the White House tomorrow and tossing the incompetent son of a bitch out on his ear for letting bin Laden get away with 911, fuck each and every one of us.


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